UI/UX designing

Our Custom designs create an efficient UI which acts as a bridge between the human brain and the digital product you offer. Likhil's powerful UI and UX is the source for easier on boarding, more sales, high website traffic. By considering the foll0wing elements, we conduct the initial research and craft the design to deliver immediate ROI for every business. we strive to deliver better results for your product.

Web Applications

Likhil Global is a web application development company building world-class B2B and B2C applications focusing on data analytics and e-Learning. Our dedicated web app developers will deliver products to clients with Customization as first priority. We use this tremendous experience to address all needs of the major industries.

Andriod Applications

We are one of the leading app development companies which provides best quality mobile application development services. Our highly proficient developers create user-friendly Android applications by using the updated Technology stack.
We take a lead role in developing user friendly apps for users transcending geographical boundaries. We made a mark in the competitive world of app development by designing and developing scalable and robust applications with the goal of increased business productivity and initial return on investment. Knowledge upgradation is the only sure and assured way forward in any competitive field. Android application development is no exception to this rule with us

ERP Applications

Most midsized businesses have come to realize that ERP can perform valuable functions for them too. we provide custom ERP software by customizing it just for your current environment, but within a platform that allows for more modules as they become necessary to your business.

ERP Software is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning to suit any small and medium organizations with advanced Features and user-friendly Process. Our ERP Software goal is to achieve maximum utility of its resources, Easy Process, Cost Savings and Employee Delight. Tranquil ERP Software with many features as Planning of Budgets, Proper communication, Quick response to Customers, understand more about your customer, Channel Partner management, Analytics, Customer connect

E-commerce Development

Likhil Global IT helps you to deliver a range of e-commerce development services from customization to maintenance under one roof. A scalable and powerful online store is only as successful as the number of conversions it gets. After all, what’s the point of fancy ecommerce web application development if your visitors aren’t buying?

Through our years in ecommerce web application development, we’ve developed a list of tried-and-true practices that we’ll implement into your design to ensure it’s optimized for the most sales. From the size and color of the “buy now” button to the number of steps in the checkout, we’re scrutinizing all the details.

Testing Services

Likhil Global IT offers you the widest range of testing services to customers across the globe. Our services help you to improve the overall quality and performance of your Information technology systems.